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All data collected by CMIE for the household survey, at the household level and at the level of individual members, is absolutely confidential. The identity of the households and that of its individual members is not shared with anyone or with any entity.

CMIE does not reveal the identity of the households or the respondents in any way to anyone outside its own survey execution machinery. CMIE conducts the survey itself and it does not out-source this work to any external agency. It captures data only electronically and transmits it to a secure central server as soon as an interview is completed and validated. Simultaneously, the data is automatically erased from the local device. As a result, the respondent level data is always safeguarded in a secure central server.

Access to this record-level data containing the identity of households and respondents is restricted. CMIE does make the record level data available but while doing so it does not reveal the name, address, location or other information that could be used by anyone to identify the household.

People of India

The People of India database contains identity information about the members such as age, gender, religion, occupation, literacy, education level, financial inclusion, status of health, etc.

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Composition of Incomes

The Composition of Income database contains detailed information about the monthly incomes of earning members residing in households and the monthly income of household as a whole from various sources.

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The Employment database contains information on the status of employment, unemployment and the industry in which the member is employed, of all the members (>= 15 years or age) in the Consumer Pyramids sample.

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Consumer Sentiments

The Consumer Sentiments database contains information regarding perceptions of the household of their current well-being or expectations of future well-being, their propensity to spend, and their perceptions about the economy as a whole.

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Household Income & Expenses

The Household Income and Expenses database contains information about the income of the household from all sources of earnings. It contains information on spends of the household on major categories of expenses.

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Household Expenses Details

The Household Expense Details database contains detailed information about the household spending across 82 food and non-food expense items.

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Household Amenities, Assets & Liabilities

The Household Amenities, Assets & Liabilities database contains information about the availability of basic amenities to households, ownership of assets, pattern of investments and sources & purpose of borrowings.

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