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The Consumer Pyramids Household Survey is a longitudinal survey. Each Wave of this survey commences as soon as an earlier Wave is completed. This survey is therefore conducted everyday. It is a continuous survey of households in India.

The Consumer Pyramids Household survey is executed by a door-to-door canvassing of the questionnaire as per a fixed plan. The plan consists of the following steps:

  1. The entire sample of 160,000 households is surveyed during a period of four months. Thus a Wave is completed in four months. There are three Waves of four months duration each in a year. Each Wave of a year is called a Round.
  2. The entire sample of 160,000 households is divided into four equal monthly slots. Each Monthly Slot consists of about 40,000 households. Each household is mapped to three monthly slots that are four months apart each and this mapping remains fixed.
      Monthly Slot1 Monthly Slot2 Monthly Slot3 Monthly Slot4
    Round1 January February March April
    Round2 May June July August
    Round3 September October November December
  3. Execution during a month is organised into four Weekly slots. Before the beginning of a week, the precise visits to households of the Weekly Slot are fixed.
  4. Execution is then monitored for timely execution and for quality.
  5. Data is collected from the field on hand-held GPS enabled phone devices. Data from the device is uploaded from the field immediately after completion of a survey and cross-checked centrally to ensure plausibility of the entries.
  6. Execution is tracked using multiple tools - ranging from GPS location tracking, call-backs and ground supervision.

People of India

The People of India database contains identity information about the members such as age, gender, religion, occupation, literacy, education level, financial inclusion, status of health, etc.

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Composition of Incomes

The Composition of Income database contains detailed information about the monthly incomes of earning members residing in households and the monthly income of household as a whole from various sources.

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The Employment database contains information on the status of employment, unemployment and the industry in which the member is employed, of all the members (>= 15 years or age) in the Consumer Pyramids sample.

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Consumer Sentiments

The Consumer Sentiments database contains information regarding perceptions of the household of their current well-being or expectations of future well-being, their propensity to spend, and their perceptions about the economy as a whole.

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Household Income & Expenses

The Household Income and Expenses database contains information about the income of the household from all sources of earnings. It contains information on spends of the household on major categories of expenses.

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Household Expenses Details

The Household Expense Details database contains detailed information about the household spending across 82 food and non-food expense items.

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Household Amenities, Assets & Liabilities

The Household Amenities, Assets & Liabilities database contains information about the availability of basic amenities to households, ownership of assets, pattern of investments and sources & purpose of borrowings.

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