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Household Income & Expenses

The Household Income and Expenses database contains information on the principal sources of income of households and their spending on 15 major expenditure heads.

The database contains information on monthly household income from rent, private transfers, government transfers, business profits, profits from sale of assets, income from lotteries or gambling and income of production for self-consumption. It contains income from all sources of member income such as wages bonus, pension, dividend and interest earned. Each source of individual income is a sum of income from all the members of a household.

Household expenses on major spending categories include food, intoxicants, clothing footwear, cosmetics toiletries, restaurants, recreation, transport, power fuel, communication, health, education bills rents, communication/information, etc.

Income and expenditure data of households in the Consumer Pyramids sample is collected during each Wave of the Consumer Pyramids survey. Income and expenses are always collected for the four months that immediately preceded the month of the survey.

This is a longitudinal survey.


The Consumer Pyramids household survey is a longitudinal survey of households. Each Wave is executed over a period of four months.

The four months of a Wave during a year is called a Round ....

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Monthly Series

A Wave of the Consumer Pyramids household survey is conducted over a period of four months. The total sample is divided equally into four parts to be executed during the four months of the survey.

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